The Champion of Zammar, Zammar book 2

It’s here! The Champion of Zammar, the sequel to The Prince of Zammar has been released.

~Samantha Nolan

The Champion of Zammar coverFor years, Captain of the Royal Guard Kadar Ibn’ Al’Amar has faithfully served Prince Jalen, heir to the throne of Zammar. When the life-threatening curse affecting the prince’s mind reawakens, Kadar sets off in search of a cure. His only hope is to retrieve the healer Sadie’s stolen books, now in the possession of the monastery of Al’Zafyra and protected by a group of deadly warriors.

For as long as she can remember, Princess Ahnanti of Bathu knows she has been an embarrassment to her father; ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Bathu. Her love of sword-fighting and lack of interest in marrying to further his political alliances has always strained their relationship, but Ahna never expected him to cast her away from the only home she knows. In a bid to strengthen his position with the powerful religious faction of his council, he orders her to Al’Zafyra, to devote the rest of her life to serving the Thousand Spirits.

When Ahna’s small convoy is ambushed by Bathan rebels on the way to the monastery, Kadar comes to her rescue. Ahna sees him as a chance to escape her fate; Kadar sees her as an opportunity to gain access to Al’Zafyra’s library. In spite of their initial contention, they find their uneasy partnership quickly morphing into an intense attraction. But between the rebels still pursuing Anhanti and Kadar’s treacherous mission, survival must take precedence over their fledgling love.

The Champion of Zammar is a full-length, 79,500 words, fantasy erotic romance. 18+

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