Up in Flames

UpInFlames_FinalThe Prince of Zammar is running out of time…

The curse is growing stronger and Prince Jalen ‘Anaq Al-Jameyri can feel his sanity slipping away a little more every day. After attacking the queen’s brother, he is taken to task over his actions. The king’s punishment is swift and cruel. Now locked in his own wing of the palace, Jalen is considered dead to the world, and his life is only starting to unravel.

As a healer, Sadie’s heart breaks for Jalen. Since her arrival in the palace, she has come to know him as a playful, intelligent, and compassionate man. Now, however, a horrible curse threatens the life of the man she has come to love.

When one day Jalen’s rage runs unchecked and the safety of those he holds dear is endangered, Sadie knows it’s time to act. But will her knowledge of healing magic be enough to save the prince?

Up in Flames is a 15.8k words novelette (around 65 pages) and is the fifth in the Prince of Zammar serial.

Warning: The novellette includes hot tender sex, a deranged prince, and one determined healer who may lose everything.


Read an excerpt for Up in Flames.

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