In Zammar’s palace, secrets abound and passion is all consuming.

Prince Jalen ‘Anaq Al-Jameyri, oldest son and heir to the kingdom of Zammar, used to be an acclaimed general and a war hero. Now however, he is a man with a secret, one that is slowly eating away at his sanity and his life.

Until recently, Sadie worked as a simple healer on the outskirts of the capital, offering her services to her neighbors to cure illnesses and injuries. After being rescued from the executioner’s block by prince Jalen, she now lives inside the palace, tied to him for a year in exchange for her life and freedom.

Though station separates them, Sadie has fallen for the mysterious prince, and revels in his attentions. But when she disobeys a direct order and learns of his darkest secret, will she survive the repercussions?  

Smoldering is a 11.7k words novellette (around 55 pages) and is the third in the Prince of Zammar serial.


Read an excerpt from Smoldering.

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