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The Champion of Zammar, book 2 of the Zammar Series

Welcome fellow Zammarians!

Catherine and I have been hard at work to bring you The Champion of Zammar the sequel to The Prince of Zammar, and we are pleased to announce the rough draft is finished. And although we still have a ways to go before it is released this summer, we did want to share with you its cover.

The Champion of Zammar cover

Life for Prince Jalen ‘Anaq Al-Jameyri and his betrothed, Sadie, has settled into a pleasant routine as the days draw closer to their upcoming marriage, but one thing mars their happily ever after. The Shifting Sands Curse. It is waking. Now it is up to Jalen’s Captain, Kadar Ibn’ Al-Amar to retrieve Sadie’s healing books before it is too late to stop the curse from taking over.

Join us as we follow Kadar in his quest to retrieve the books, and along the way he meets a very unexpected allie.